STEP 1~ BEFORE YOU INQUIRE take a few steps:

1. Visit our "Balloon Decor" page, and check our MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENTS. If your order does not meet our minimum for delivery, you're welcome to arrange to pick up! 

2. Scroll down that page for a brief description of how we figure out your price.

3. Download the PDF - 2021 Pricing Guide to see which sizes you need to request based on your needs/desires.

4. When you inquire - please include a budget range you're comfortable with. 

STEP 2~ When an inquiry is submitted via this contact form you're inquiry shows up on our calendar to follow up with and book before we add additional events. We will take bookings first come, first served - this means the first to pay a Retainer Fee to confirm gets the date/time slot and items reserved. We will check our availability and if we think we can fit your event into our schedule, we'll reply to confirm the travel fee and minimum order requirement for your area. 

STEP 3 ~ After you reply and approve that your budget meets our minimum, we'll send a Questionnaire that will ask a few details we need to know to expedite the booking process. It is helpful if you also send us photos of inspiration - colors/designs you like and photos of your event space. 

STEP 4 ~ After we have an idea of what you need/want, you'll receive a proposal that will include the opportunity to pay a Retainer Fee (through Honeybook, Venmo, Zelle, or discuss other payment options with us) which reserves your spot on our calendar, reserves rentals, and we'll also order things we need for your event.

There is currently a worldwide balloon shortage, so availability of some colors is limited, we're piecing together orders from multiple suppliers. Pricing of some balloons as gone up a little and we are paying extra shipping costs to get the supply - so we needed to raise our rates a little to account for this. 

 ::::::On Inquiry form below:::::

- We need the ZIP CODE in addition to the event address. There are more than one of the same street address in NJ. The town must be specified.

- Set up time: How MUCH time are we allowed? If this is a private residence and time is flexible please say: flexible, private residence. If it's a venue who only allows 30 minutes, tell us so. This is a big deal - rushed installs come with additional fees of staff and transportation. Some venue installs will require extra set up fees if we have to travel around multiple obstacles to get into the event space (such as several hallways/walkways, flights of stairs, elevators, etc), we will need additional equipment, staff, and time.