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BEFORE YOU INQUIRE - Visit our "Balloon Decor" page, download the price list. See if our prices can work for your event. There is plenty of information on our Price Guide and Balloon Decor page in samples that should give an idea of what things cost. 

June is fully booked as of now. If you have already sent in a inquiry and received a reply that we are available, we'll be in touch asap to confirm details. 

We cannot take any additional last minute requests for June. 

We are backed up with a high volume of inquires and cannot process additional requests until ones we have are taken care of. Our clients we have already started planning with need our attention first before anything new can be considered. We understand that you want to make sure you have beautiful decor reserved for your special occasions, however there is only so much we can do.

Please do not message me on multiple platforms - this slows down the entire process. 

JULY -- Event requests will be processed in the order they were received. We have approximately 30 events for July to confirm still. 

AUGUST - will begin being handled after the others are settled. This is TBD. 


Future dates will have to wait to be discussed especially dates in the Fall, Winter, and 2022. For basic pricing, please refer to our Price Guide available for download and give a budget range when you inquire.

 ::::::On Inquiry form below:::::

- We need the ZIP CODE in addition to the event address. There are more than one of the same street address in NJ. The town must be specified.

- Set up time: How MUCH time are we allowed? If this is a private residence and time is flexible please say: flexible, private residence. If it's a venue who only allows 30 minutes, tell us so. This is a big deal - rushed installs come with additional fees of staff and transportation. 

-Please give a budget range. I know you have an idea of what you want to spend. To receive a custom design with a visual, we will require a $100 Retainer Fee upfront, which can be applied to your booking, however will not be refunded if you choose to take our designs and give them to another artist to do your event. Thanks!