In Response to COVID-19

Scroll down for samples and pricing to give ideas.

To see how rates are based, go to "Overview & Pricing" in Balloon Decor. 

Please understand, I am not a big party store and the product I create is much different. I use higher quality balloons than the helium ones you will get from a party store, and if kept indoors, they will last much longer. 

Please read through and understand, I am not offering any discounts during this time and need to meet delivery minimums to make this work. Your support is helping keep my business afloat and is very appreciated! 


Delivery Area

Minimum Orders Including Delivery 

within 5 miles $100 

within 10 miles $125 

within 15 miles $150 

20-25 Miles $200

In the interest of the million "what if (this happens)" while I'm out on the road... I'd like to stay close to home. 

Delivery cost will be calculated based on the framework I have set in "Overview & Pricing" - link provided above. 

Pick up is an option, but we need to make sure what you order will fit in your vehicle. Tell me the kind of car you have and I'll make it fit! I will have your piece in a bag on my porch for pick up. Address will be provided upon order confirmation. 


  • All Balloons will be air filled only, helium is not available until further notice.
  • Air filled balloons will not float independently however will last much longer than helium balloons.
  • If your order is larger than what I can fit in my car, I will need access to an outdoor standard outlet. 
  • I prefer electronic payments such as Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, PopMoney... any payment app you use.

When requesting a quote, please include photos of your front yard and house.

I will need to see what I have to work with.


 Materials used are from my pre-COVID-19 inventory or ordered online direct from my distributors. I am not going shopping in retail stores for any materials. Balloons are taken direct from the bag they came in, inflated into your design, and the design is placed in a sanitized bag for transport. All work surfaces and equipment is disinfected between each client's piece.


I, Christina, have been home with no symptoms since March 15, 2020. My house and car are constantly disinfected. All balloons are kept in an isolated room away from daily life. 

I am the only person in contact with the balloons. 


Most suggestions listed are for outdoor displays. I prefer this to limit contact, please consider this first. If your bouquet will be brought into the home, understand all precautions have been taken. I will not come into homes to install. No contact pick up may be an option for local clients.


Choose lighter colors. No Black, or dark shades, they'll pop.

Balloon "life" outdoors varies as it is exposed to so many elements/variables but may last 24 hours or more, but there is no guarantee of their longevity.

All installs will be set the day of your celebration. If I use reusable materials, I will notify you and pick them up later. 

If extreme wind is expected, I will come take the balloons down, or suggest waiting for nice weather. If balloons blow away, they can get caught on power lines and cause power outages.

Doorway Swag

I need something to attach to. Front porches with posts/railings are perfect for this. 

Pictured Here is 13ft of Medium and Large Garland with fringe streamers. Cost of this to copy is $216 + Delivery. No pick up required as it was tied to light hooks the homeowner had already screwed in. 

Tree Accents

Do you have a really amazing tree in your yard? Trees make great attachment points for accents of garland, sculptures, and single large balloons. Pictured here is a Large Sculpture secured with small garland, $40.

Lamp Posts

Lamp Posts in the yard are perfect for Small- Medium Sized Garlands! 

Pictured here is a mix of Small-Large with Sculpture additions. Cost of Garland is $102. Each sculpture is $16, making the total $150.

Lawn Stakes

When you want it out in the yard, closer to the street, and I have no anchor points, I can stake into the ground to secure.  *Will require pick up of stakes/poles. Piece pictured as is would be priced at $230.

Piece pictured could also serve as a large bouquet to be brought indoors.

Mailbox Mini

If you have a "curbside" mailbox, Garlands can accent! 

Pictured here is a Small Size Garland $30, with some small sculptures total $26, and ribbons to blow in the wind $15, bringing this total to $71.


This piece is weighted and can easily travel. Will fit in the backseat of a car, empty trunk, or back of an SUV. 

It measures 3ft L x 3ft H

and about 2ft D. 

Base with 1 Sculpture $40

Base with 2 Sculptures $75

Base starts at $18. Small Mylar additions $3/each number or letter. Large Mylar additions $8-10+/-

Keep Your Distance

Balloons are exciting, but I must be cautious.

  • While I am setting up all young children must stay indoors, unless you can guarantee they will follow directions and stay in place. No playing outside on the lawn anywhere near where I am setting up. If you aren't sure what the kids will do, keep them inside.

  • Please do any yardwork before I come or after I leave, including lawn mowing. 

  • If you would like to watch me install, I need you to have a place to sit and stay stationary, at least 10ft from the areas where I will be. I will be going back and forth from my car to your porch/yard and cannot risk running into you. 

  • When everything is complete, and I clean up my equipment, I will come knock on the door and let you know it's ready for you to come see! 

Dearest Clients & Friends, 

I hope you're all staying HOME, eating well, getting fresh air, and keeping your spirits up. As I'm sure you have experienced, I have gone through quite a range of emotions since quarantine began and my feelings are different every day. 


Our events have all been postponed and more come in every week. I recognize we may be in this isolation period for a while and at first I didn't quite know how to navigate it. I have decided I am not taking in deposits for future parties (i.e. gatherings in venues and homes as we are accustomed to), at this time as I cannot guarantee my participation will be possible, and should your date need to reschedule, I don't know that I can commit to the new date. Things are a bit up in the air at the moment, but I am preparing myself so that when we are able to return to social gatherings, I will be ready for you. 


Thankfully, over the past few weeks, my network of fellow Balloon Artists and Decorators certainly responded in the most amazing way by sharing a wealth of knowledge and ideas with one another! I am feeling blessed and honored to be a part of this industry. It has been incredibly inspiring and has helped me transition into this new way of life! While the above suggestions will bring joy and some color to your lives, I want to still encourage social distancing. I am not encouraging house parties and gatherings of any kind of family/friends. When doing drive by "Party Parades" please take care. Once the balloons are set they are out of my control, participation is completely at your own risk. 

Birthdays and special moments in our lives will still come and go, let's not let them pass without celebrating them in any way we can while we "Celebrate at a Distance". 

Much Love, 


Based in Hamilton, NJ

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