Balloon Decor

Every event is different, as they should be. Because of that there is no real "standard", however we have given base rates to begin.

We will be happy to discuss your event with you and create a plan that will work within your budget and achieve the desired design.

In addition to general event information, we will also ask about several factors mentioned in "Tell Us All The Things".

Please be prepared to share this information with us to receive the most accurate quote. 

Balloons have been known to last over a month indoors. We use the highest quality, professional grade balloons on the market. 

Latex balloons are biodegradable and you can trust, we do all we can to go green! 

 Organic Balloon Garland Pricing

Starting prices below are for standard colors, only includes latex balloons.

Embellishments, custom colors, florals, specialty balloons are all additional. 

All Organic Styled Garlands are accented with smaller balloons than the main structure as artist feels is appropriate for the design.

Small: $12/ft ; Balloon Sizes 5"- 9"    

Best for Tablescapes, Welcome Easels, Small spaces.

Ex: 10ft of garland length is $120. This can be split between a table and a welcome sign!

Medium: $18/ft ; Balloon Sizes 5" - 17"

Most Popular Size in 2020. Great for Smaller Spaces, Backdrop Garlands, Front Porches, and more.

Ex: 10ft of this size is $180. This can be a thicker width, or "thinned out" to give an extra 5ft of length!

Large: $20/ft ; Balloon Sizes from 5" to 17" and a 24" per 3ft section.

This is the best option for a statement piece if only Latex Balloons are being used without specialty balloons.

Ex: 10ft of this size will be $200 and will include 3 x 24" balloons in the design.

XL: $30/ft Balloon Sizes - Primarily 16", 24", and a 36" per 3ft

Very full, lush, WOW factor. Best for large spaces, and something that will be seen at a distance.

Traditional Balloon Columns/Arches

Starting prices below are for standard colors, only includes latex balloons.

These are very straightforward, balloons are the sized the same and the piece has symmetry, very simple.

Small: $10/ft ; Balloon Size 9" or 11"   

Usually the size for columns and standard arches. Columns are generally 4ft - 6ft and a topper is added.

Arch lengths usually need to be 25ft to achieve the center height at 7ft and width span at about 8ft, for a total of $250.

Medium: $15/ft ; Balloon Sizes to include 17"

Fill a larger space/make more impact, or for design such as in Mickey Sample Below.

Column Toppers: $10 for a 24" Balloon, $15 for 3ft, Or Mylar Options- Please Ask, Range is $5-$20.

*Regarding ALL Balloon Installations - Outdoor Free Standing Installations must include framing and weights.

Add 25% to orders to be set up outdoors and appear free standing, unless well-grounded existing structures can be utilized and maintain the intended look. We will return to recover all reusable materials. No form of framing is "disposable," it all can be used again.

Save costs by choosing a location that has a structure like trees, tents, or building posts to attach to.

Balloons of any style cannot be set up during thunderstorms, or in winds of 16mph or greater. 

Organic Garlands may be attached to existing structures that are well grounded. *This is preferred.

***Minimum order requirements are based on distance from our starting point. 

Client Pick Up is sometimes an option, no order minimum. Only recommended for bouquets and mini garlands. 

- Local delivery included within zip code 08610 : $100 order minimum. 

- Up to 10 Miles of Travel: $20 delivery + $100 order minimum.

- Up to 15 Miles of Travel: $30 delivery + $120 order minimum.

- Up to 20 Miles of Travel: $40 delivery + $160 order minimum.

- 25 - 30 Miles of Travel: $50 - $60 delivery + $200 minimum. 

Over 30 Miles, order minimums may vary based on distance. 


Travel is calculated starting at $1/mile. Ex: 10 miles each way = 20 miles = $20

*If you have a large event with little time for set up, travel fees may be higher due to the need of larger vehicles for transport.

This cost will be calculated and given during the quoting process. If your event changes, this fee is subject to change as well.

If our route includes tolls (especially bridge crossings), and parking fees, all costs will be on invoice.

Tell Us All The Things


Please send images of invitations, purchased decor, and even flowers. Talk to us about your guest of honor and why you chose the theme you did. 


A site visit may be necessary, but often photos of the space help us enough. Floor - to- ceiling photos.

Tell us about the "flow" of your event within the space. 


We need to know the size of the space we have to work with & sizing you desire.

Will it be seen from all sides or is the "back" facing a wall? 


Have you already purchased elements you would like used? 

Do you want us to mimic a design you've been eyeing up? 


When given a budget cap, we can make suggestions that will fit. Giving us a budget saves everyone time, it tell us what we have to work within.


This helps us make suggestions to what is possible within the time and budget frame. It will affect our labor and travel costs as well. 



Do you or will you have a florist, additional rentals, a cake coming at a certain time, etc. These details also affect your end rate and timing. 


Balloons last longest and keep their look best indoors. Sunlight, Wind, Heat, and Rain will have a noticeable affect on your balloon installation. 



Installation methods will vary. Your garland will be hung up from ceiling, or tied to  places we can find to anchor it. 

This will have a very free flowing, very organic look, can fit into any space, can be any size.


*Sample shown is 8ft of Medium Garland with added Mylar Letters and Pizza Slices for a total of $189. If a $20 travel fee is added, your total would be $209.


Full Arch 

A true Full Arch starts from the ground level, and arches over to end at ground level. 

For arch price, please provide your desired height, including limitation of ceiling height, and width - distance between right and left bases. 

*Sample shown is and indoor set up,

15ft of Large Garland with latex additions of stars and star clusters for a total of $345.

This event was local, however required me to return for break down, which would be an additional $20 based on this location. 

Backdrop Garland 

Length of garland depends on size of backdrop. These do not always need to cover full sides of entire frame. 

Check out our assortment of backdrop options for rent! If you are purchasing a custom backdrop but need a frame, please ask. 

*Sample Shown includes use of an indoor backdrop frame, hanging of backdrop, 23ft of  Medium Garland  for a total of $464. Fresh greens were provided by florist and I added them in. 


Demi Arch

When the piece needs to be free standing and there's nothing onsite to attach to. 

Magic explained - there's a frame inside! Custom made, these frames can be any shape or size. 

*Sample shown is 20ft of Large Garland constructed on a custom frame to create the shape and be free standing, with the addition of Large and Small Rose Gold Orbz for a total of $500. This event also required an additional set up/break down travel fee based on distance.

Balloon Wall

or Ceiling

Balloon walls may vary in size and placement. Use for photo ops, backdrops, and more. 

Specify exactly what this will be intended for during event. 

*Sample shown is a 6ft x 6ft Wall (some size varies as balloons stick out) with the Large number addition for a total of $688. 

Balloon walls are based on $15 - $18 per square foot depending on level of detail desired. 



If you prefer order and symmetry, we can accommodate that too! Nice, simple, very straight forward. Color patterns can vary.

For a Spiral Design of colors, choose 2-5 colors. 

*Sample shown is an indoor 14ft Traditional Style Arch, based on $15/ft with an addition of a Mickey Head at $15 for a total of $225. 

Table Top

Starting at: $12/centerpiece or foot of garland. 

This Centerpiece shown, with the custom details would be $20/each.

Height off table in latex balloons around 12". 

Add Small (16"-18")Mylar Toppers $5/each.

Add Mylar Specialty topper $6-$8/each

Add Large Mylar Toppers $15/each 

Organic Table Runners will vary in size, length and height as desired. 

Single Balloon

Starting at:  $10 for 24" Balloon

$15 for 3ft Balloon 

*Rates are for air filled balloons which will be hung up or set on a stand. 

Shown: Air Filled Balloon hanging with eucalyptus tail; $25/each. 

*Helium Filled would be $40/each for the same look. 

Customize with Confetti, Calligraphy, Color, or Opt for a Specialty Balloon.  

Additions of a tail include: Greenery, Colored Paper Tassels, Ribbon, or other Customizable Themed Elements. Est. $5/ft 

Custom Colors

Add 25% per foot to any size garland per color. Total cost will be based on need, which includes tints/shades, confetti or glitter. Please inquire about further customizations. 

Shown: 6ft of Small Garland; All Colors are Custom Made and Fresh Eucalyptus Provided and Arranged: $115. (Delivery Additional based on location).


We can match any color you give us! Send a color swatch, an image of your decor and other inspirations, or even an id number of PANTONE Colors. 

Based in Hamilton, NJ

Call or Text! 609.847.9349


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