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Balloon Decor

We will be happy to discuss your event with you and create a plan that will work within your budget and achieve the desired design 

To understand what we might suggest,

please review our 2021 Pricing Guide. 

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~We're  being asked for HELIUM BALLOONS often and feel the need to explain this.~

You're talking about Helium Balloons when you might say: 

"Just a few loose balloons for around the room" 

"Some tall, weighted bouquets" 

"Just some REGULAR Balloons, like 3, on a weight, I can put wherever"

I don't currently offer Helium Balloons.

A balloon ONLY floats when it is filled with helium.

Helium escapes the balloon MUCH faster than regular air, causing the balloon to deflate.

If/when we do helium, they will be specialty single large ones you would pick up or will be an addition to an order of the style we DO offer regularly. Or we may offer big specialty bouquets with gorgeous balloons.

We will do this once we have a public location, however, we will not ever be a helium balloon store like a Party City or Party Fair.

If/when we do helium it will also be more expensive than a party store because:

1. The supply is more expensive to a small business and harder to obtain. You'll have to preorder in advance.

2. We properly hi-float every balloon so it lasts you more than 24 hours, and we'll tie on ribbon that will actually stay on the balloon in wind. 

3. The quality of balloons we use are significantly better than the Party Store and we have more/better colors.

4. The pricing will include a good looking weight, good ribbon, overall the product will be better. 

5. We don't work for minimum wage ~ said in the most loving way possible.

What Your Terms Mean to Us: 

-A "regular balloon" is just one balloon filled up with air. It will fall to the floor. The only time we would give you this is if we're filling a floor with loose balloons or doing a Balloon Drop. 

-"Weighted bouquets" is essentially a garland just stacked to stand straight up (or long/short), and will be weighted so it stands and doesn't move. A bouquet of balloons is something you can move around as you please, and usually includes numbers on top or flowers. 

We're here to change the way you see and experience BALLOONS.

They are wild, crazy, elegant, beautiful, and can fit ANY occasion.


Notice: The Balloon Community no longer supports Balloon Releases. Please chose some other way to commemorate a memory. Balloons  floating into the world fall back down causing injury and death to animals, get stuck in power lines causing power outages and possible fires. It's very destructive litter.

All Dogs go to heaven, balloons don't. 

Some Examples of What We Have Done...

Hudson's Pizza Themed First Birthday tur



Installation methods will vary. Your garland will be hung up from ceiling, or tied to  places we can find to anchor it like stair railings, trees, old nails, a beam, a pergola... anything sturdy.

This will have a very free flowing, very organic look, can fit into any space, can be any size.


*Sample shown is 8ft of Medium Garland with added Mylar Letters and Pizza Slices for a total of $192 + tax and travel. 


Full Arch 

A true Full Arch starts from the ground level, and arches over to end at ground level. 

For arch price, please provide your desired height, including limitation of ceiling height, and width - distance between right and left bases. 

*Sample shown is and indoor set up,

20ft of Large Garland with latex additions of stars and star clusters for a total of $555 plus tax and travel. 

Backdrop Garland 

Length of garland depends on size of backdrop. These do not always need to cover full sides of entire frame. 

Check out our assortment of backdrop options for rent! If you are purchasing a custom backdrop but need a frame, please ask. 

*Sample Shown includes use of an indoor backdrop frame rental, hanging of backdrop provided by client, 23ft of  Medium Garland for a total of $494 + tax and travel. Fresh greens were provided by florist and I added them in. 

framed demi arch.jpg


Demi Arch

When the piece needs to be free standing and there's nothing onsite to attach to. 

Magic explained - there's a frame inside! Custom made, these frames can be any shape or size. 

*Sample shown is 20ft of Large Garland including Custom Colors, constructed on a custom frame to create the shape and be free standing, with the addition of Large and Small Rose Gold Orbz for a total of $750 plus tax & travel.

Balloon Wall

or Ceiling

Balloon walls may vary in size and placement. Use for photo ops, backdrops, and more. 

Specify exactly what this will be intended for during event. 

*Sample shown is a 6ft x 6ft Wall (some size varies as balloons stick out) with the Large number addition for a total of $650 + tax and travel. 



If you prefer order and symmetry, we can accommodate that too! Nice, simple, very straight forward. Color patterns can vary.

For a Spiral Design of colors, choose 2-5 colors. 

*Sample shown is an indoor 14ft Traditional Style Arch, based on $15/ft with an addition of a Mickey Head at $15 for a total of $225. 

Hudson's Pizza Themed First Birthday tur

Table Top

Starting at: $12/centerpiece or foot of garland. 

This Centerpiece shown, with the custom details would be $20/each.

Height off table in latex balloons around 12". 

Add Small (16"-18")Mylar Toppers $5/each.

Add Mylar Specialty topper $6-$8/each

Add Large Mylar Toppers $15/each 

Organic Table Runners will vary in size, length and height as desired. 

single white euc.jpg

Single Balloon

Starting at:  $10 for 24" Balloon

$15 for 3ft Balloon 

*Rates are for AIR FILLED balloons which will be hung up or set on a stand. These are not floating on their own attached to a weight, they are NOT helium.  

Shown: Air Filled Balloon hanging with eucalyptus tail; $35/each. 

*Helium Filled will start at $50/each, however is not currently being offered.

Customize with Confetti, Calligraphy, Color, or Opt for a Specialty Balloon.  

Additions of a tail include: Greenery, Colored Paper Tassels, Ribbon, or other Customizable Themed Elements. Est. $5/ft 

custom sunset.jpg

Custom Colors

Add 25% per foot to any size garland. Custom coloring gives a very upscale look. Customization is needed if the colors you request are not standard, or, are confetti/glitter or prints. Please inquire about further customizations. 

Shown: 6ft of Small Garland; All Colors are Custom Made and Fresh Eucalyptus Provided and Arranged: $115 + tax & travel. 


We can match any color you give us! Send a color swatch, an image of your decor and other inspirations, or even an id number of PANTONE Colors.